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    Virtual Woman News

April 2008 - The newest version of Virtual Woman (version .9359) fixes some problems users had installing to Vista.

November 2007 - Some installations of Windows Vista may be missing certain files Virtual Woman needs to run. To get these files installed on Vista, please click on this link at MicroSoft:


and download and run this file.

After you install this file, you may run the Virtual Woman install program normally and it should work correctly.

We will fix this problem in the installation in an upcoming release of Virtual Woman. Also note that in some versions of Vista Virtual Woman's speaking voice may not work, and will cut itself off. As we are in the process of upgrading the voice, this will also be fixed.

Does this mean that the next release of Virtual Woman is Vista only? No, the newest Virtual Woman will continue to be updated and tested to run on Windows 95, 98, XP, and Vista, among others. The vast majority of new features being added to Virtual Woman will run on all Windows operating systems. However, we will start to add some new features that are only able to run on Vista. We are very committed to backwards compatibility for Virtual Woman; we feel you shouldn't have to constantly upgrade your operating system just to get new features; though we will support new ones in Vista as they are added. After all, how many software companies do you know that still sell and support a version of their product that runs under Windows 3.0 (released in 1990)?

July 2007 - Virtual Woman Millennium beta .953 is now available as a full version install as well as a beta update. It replaces version .95. We have updated all of our servers with the new version and are in the process of contacting and updating all other sites on the Internet that host the older version with this new one.

June 2007 - A new public test of Virtual Woman Millennium, version .953, has been posted. If you are running any older version of Virtual Woman, the easiest way to update it is to use the Internet upgrade feature (The "Check for an Update to Virtual Woman" button) in the program itself. You can also download our Virtual Woman Quick Updater here.

June 2007 - The newest test beta of Virtual Woman Millennium .96 has been posted on the Compadre beta tester's site for members to download. Please try out the improved intelligence engine and post questions and comments in the Virtual Woman Forum.

June 2007 - The Virtual Woman Forum is open for all registered users in preparation for our newest upcoming beta release of Virtual Woman Millennium (version .96). We will be posting the latest release information and test downloads there. If you are a member you can access it through the Compadre beta tester's site.

May 2007 - The Washington Post reported that two bank security guards who had been distracted by their duties by playing Virtual Woman and then tried to cover up that fact allowed 52,000 US$ to be stolen. The bank manager refused to say whether they would be fired, but did say, "I don't think they are getting promoted."

April 2007 - A new version of Virtual Woman with improved intelligence is being prepared for beta testers. Besides a major upgrade to Virtual Woman's conversational skills, this version will feature bug fixes, upgrades to the user interface, and new options. As usual, it will first be made available free for registered users on our Compadre Virtual Woman testing site.

Past News

The big news is our current test of Virtual Woman Millennium. The .95 beta test of Virtual Woman incorporating our new graphics engine is being tested now and will be updated with new features soon. You can see screen shots and more information on the release schedule so that you can see what you've been waiting for...just Click Here to see Virtual Woman Millennium .95 in action. 

What's New? 

We've received numerous industry awards for our software over the years but we are now working on incorporating a new intelligence engine. The results of this will become more obvious with the next public release (currently scheduled as version .96), the first to include some of these changes. As you may know, you can always check for a new version of Virtual Woman by running the software and using the "Check for an Upgrade to Virtual Woman" feature found under your Internet options in the program, or check here at the web site for new releases. Also, if you a running an older version of Virtual Woman you can update your copy by running the Virtual Woman Updater (for more information or to download it, click here).

We've appeared in many new magazines on the web and on the newstands. Corporate Training Partners just featured us in an article on their web site about the new wave of Computer-Generated humans and added that "Virtual Woman is a clever, literate, witty, and ambitious project".


Lester Dent has given numerous interviews discussing our upcoming release of Virtual Woman Millennium and its innovative technology to many news outlets. Virtual Woman was also awarded the "Safari Excellence Award" by Safari Download and "Best of the Web" by the Web Magazine. Nancy, our VRW guru, made a guest appearance in an article on ABCNEWS.COM discussing Virtual Woman's next release.  You may have also seen us featured here: