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The Virtual Woman Net and Digital DNA

Digital DNA Files  
Try out the newest Virtual Woman Digital DNA files for use in your program or upload files you've created for others to try. Just click on the picture to download the file. 

Digital DNA file support is temporarily down while we test the new voice engine for Virtual Woman. The pre .86 Digital DNA Manual for developers is being revised to support the new features being added. You can request to be put on the Virtual Woman Digital DNA mailing list and receive the next version of the manual detailing how to build Digital DNA files for Virtual Woman by sending e-mail to DigitalDNA@VirtualWoman.Net. You can also use this e-mail address for letters about the file format's use in Virtual Woman. More information is available below.

From the Beta Update Manual: 

Q. What are Digital DNA Files? 

A. Digital DNA files are Virtual Women/Men, stored in a file format (*.DNA) that you can easily download and use. They contain complete information on a woman's appearance, background, history, clothing, etc., and even hold the information on your current location and the background sounds there. The file format is licensed from Harrington International. Currently we support Digital DNA up to .86 (Appearance, environment, and basic history) and will eventually support it up to 1.0 (unique history and personality) in Virtual Woman Millennium. Harrington International is working on the specifications for a Digital DNA 2.0, and we plan on supporting it in a future release.

Created a new Digital DNA file you want the world to see? Upload it to us at: Support@VirtualWoman.Net 

Digital DNA and Amicus are trademarks of Harrington International. The Digital DNA and Amicus File Formats are Copyright 2006 Harrington International and are used by license.