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Virtual Woman is a Trademark of CyberPunk Software

    Virtual Woman Millennium Test

The Public test version of Virtual Woman, Virtual Woman Millennium Edition beta is .9539, is available for download testing.

Get it from WinSite!

Like all beta tests, not all features are active. They will be added shortly. Currently we are testing our new 3D graphics engine and our new Voice Engine, as well as previewing Digital DNA files. This is a Caucasian, Black, and Asian only build, the only ethnic type options available are Caucasian, Black, or Asian (the rest of the ethnic types will be added shortly.) You can Click Here to Download Virtual Woman Millennium.

Using Windows Vista?

Install this Vista upgrade from MicroSoft before installing Virtual Woman. 

Virtual Woman Millennium Edition .9539 includes many new features such as a 3-D Graphics engine (see screen shots), preview of Digital DNA files, a talking voice, NaturalSound, preview of file trading via The Virtual Woman Net, new game options, and fixes for minor bug errors in earlier versions.

New! Download the Virtual Woman Updater at the links below and update your older copy of Virtual Woman Millennium to version .953.  Close Virtual Woman and then run this program, unzipping the files to the directory that you installed Virtual Woman in. Quick download, simple update. You must have Virtual Woman Millennium (available for free download above) installed to run this update:

Download at:
Winsite Downloads

This program includes the following bug Fixes:

* Improved Compatibility with Vista
* New Installation
* New Graphics
* Improved User Interface.
* Intelligence upgrade.
* New controls for the creation screen.
* A new ethnic type.
* Fix for graphics problems some users had.
* Correct choice voice type
(defaulted to wrong voice on some Windows XP machines).
* Fix for 'typing freeze' problem.
* Other minor bug fixes.

You can also easily update your copy of Virtual Woman by using the "Check for an Upgrade to Virtual Woman" feature found under your Internet options in the program.

Report bugs or any error Messages by e-mailing us at support@virtualwoman.net . Please include as much information as you can about your computer, its speed and/or ram, and which operating system you are using (Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, etc.).  

Obviously, this beta is under the usual agreements...no decompiling of code, no use or viewing by competing software houses or developers, and please don't repost the files. 

Currently, the latest public version is Virtual Woman Millennium Beta .9539. It tests the talking voice, 3D graphics, Internet auto update features, and features Digital DNA preview.

If you have a specific feature or idea that you would like to see incorporated in the next release, now is the time to lobby for things you want included, while the beta is still being compiled. You can write to support@virtualwoman.net with your ideas.